Daytrips from Suchitoto

Suchitoto is conveniently located in the center of El Salvador, allowing you to make several daytrips to other cities and towns from here. By making Suchitoto the homebase for your Salvadoran travels, you can get a thorough sampling of the country while coming back to the tranquility of Suchitoto each night. Below are some popular daytrip options.

San Salvador

The capital of El Salvador is located just 29 miles from Suchitoto. With a view of the San Salvador Volcano in the distance, here you will find museums, monuments, cathedrals, and a variety of shopping centers, restaurants, and bars--and, of course, the pulse of life unique to urban metropolises.

To reach San Salvador from Suchitoto, simply take the #129 bus to its last stop.

La Palma

This community in the mountainous northern part of the country is reknowned for its production of painted handicrafts made in the style of legendary Salvadoran artist Fernando Llort, who taught his trade to the community in the 1970s.

To reach La Palma, take the #107 bus from Suchitoto to Aguilares and transfer to the #119 bus heading toward La Palma.


Just 11 miles from Suchitoto is the town of Cinquera, an important stronghold during the Civil War and the scene of heavy fighting. Today, the town has regrouped to protect a large tract of forest. A daytrip to this reserve will provide you with magnificent views of nature and a new perspective on the history of the armed conflict.

The #482 bus to Cinquera leaves at 9 am from Suchitoto and returns at 1 pm.


Well-known as an active center of ceramic production in El Salvador, Ilobasco offers you numerous opportunities to meet the makers of some of the country´s most recognized crafts. Red clay-ware is produced here, as well as miniatures, and the famed ceramic sorpresas, which were invented in Ilobasco.

To get to Ilobasco by bus, take the #129 to San Martín and transfer to the #111, going east until its last stop.

San Sebastian

The center of artisanal textile production in El Salvador is in the village of San Sebastian. Here, you can spend the day watching artisans working on enormous looms to create a number of brightly patterned textiles to be used in making hammocks, blankets, table cloths, place settings, and more.

To get to San Sebastian, take the #129 bus to San Martín and transfer to the #110, going east until its last stop.


Lovingly referred to as "Cojute," every Sunday this city offers up a Food Festival at the Cerro de las Pavas that is sure to wet your appetite. This city is well-known for its wide variety of artesanal sausages, and here you can sample them all -- plus many other national dishes.

While at the Cerro de las Pavas, be sure to pay a visit to the statue of the Virgen de Fátima from Portugal, a site of pilgrimmage for many Salvadoran Catholics.

To reach Cojutepeque from Suchitoto, take the #129 bus to San Martín and transfer to the #113, going east to Cojutepeque.

San Luis del Carmen

If you simply want to experience the pace of everyday life in a typical Salvadoran town, consider a daytrip to San Luis del Carmen. Here you can spend the day in the quiet streets that are lined with adobe houses or take in the nearby views of Lake Suchitlán.

To get to there, take the ferry from Suchitoto to San Franciso de Lempa and then the bus to San Luis del Carmen. Or, hire a boat directly from Suchitoto to San Luis del Carmen.

San Francisco de Lempa

Spend the day relaxing at the Hacienda Grande in San Francisco Lempa -- a environmental complex with organic gardens, hiking trails, horserides, swimming pool and a restaurant.

To get to San Francisco del Lempa, take the ferry across Lake Suchitlán or hire a boat from Puerto San Juan.


A small pueblo located amidst rivers, hills and Lake Suchitlán, Tenancingo is an ideal place for exploring nature and experiencing the everyday pace of Salvadoran life. While there, you will discover Tenancingo´s rich tradition of creating intricate crafts from dried palm leaves. The palms are braided by hand by the women that live in this area.

To get to Tanancingo, take the #129 bus from Suchitoto to San Martín. Transfer to the #113 heading toward Cojutepeque and get off at Santa Cruz Michapa. At the nearby bus stop, you can board an hourly bus to Tenancingo.


This city (often referred to "Chalate") has much history to offer, from its pre-Columbian roots, its colonial past and, most recently, the heavy fighting it witnessed during the Civil War. Today, Chalatenango is primarily a bustling center of commercial activity, with street markets all around, but also offers several natural, historical, and recreational activities.

To visit Chalatenango from Suchitoto, take the #163 to Aguilares and transfer to the #125 heading to Chalatenango.

San Vicente

Whether you choose to visit San Vicente´s churches, the Eiffel Tower-like structure that dominates its central plaza, or the numerous bakeries that line the streets, you will always be in the shadow of the Chichontepec Volcano. This double-peaked volcano looms large over San Vicente, providing impressive vistas wherever you go.

To get to San Vicente from Suchitoto, take the #129 bus to San Martín and transfer to the #116, going east until its final stop.