Activities in the Historic City Center

Appreciate the Architectural Beauty of the
Santa Lucía Church

Constructed in 1853, the Santa Lucía Church is one of the best examples of post-colonial architecture in El Salvador and the main focal point of Suchitoto. Its exceptional architectural characteristics include the façade with arches that have molded keystones, and 6 columns in the ionic style. Three towers reside at the top above a beautiful antique clock. The exterior is matched with a wood paneled interior that is also very well preserved. Look closely at the domes behind the towers and you will see that each is decorated with plates from a porcelain dinette service that was donated as a token of appreciation by a bride who was married in our church.

As witness to Suchitoto´s birth as a city in 1858 to the present day, the Santa Lucía Church is an important cultural symbol for the city as well as the country.

Discover the Treasures of the Casa-Museo de Don Alejandro Cotto

Constructed by the famous Salvadoran filmmaker and writer Don Alejandro Cotto, the Casa-Museo displays treasures (religious images, paintings, furniture) that reflect the cultural histories of Suchitoto and El Salvador, as well as the artistic career of Mr. Cotto. Spectacular gardens filled with flowers, trees, fountains, trails, and magnificent views of Lago Suchitlán complement the house to make it an unforgettable experience.

Access to the house and grounds costs $4 per person, which contributes to the costs of the Permanent International Festival Art and Culture in Suchitoto each February.

Participate in our Annual Cultural Traditions

Throughout the year, Suchitoto presents many events that celebrate our history, culture and the arts. From a month long festival of art in February to a celebration of the year´s corn harvest in August, each tradition teaches you a bit about our values and reflects the creative spirit of Suchitoto. Plan your trip during one of our annual events and participate in them with us.

For a complete description of each annual cultural tradition and their dates, click here.

Feast upon Delicious Food

In Suchitoto, you will find many charming restaurants that serve a variety of excellent food -- from Salvadoran and Mexican cuisine to Italian and Argentinean dishes. Each restaurant provides a unique ambiance (artsy/bohemian, casual, elegant, etc.), enabling you to enjoy a spectrum of dining experiences.

To see a list of restaurants in Suchitoto, click here.

Experience the Art of Suchitoto

In addition to arts and cultural events throughout the year, Suchitoto also offers a welcoming home to artists and art galleries. During your stay, enjoy all the art in Suchitoto with visits to the art galleries and museums that exhibit paintings, sculptures, and photographs by national and international artists. As well, be sure to visit the many restaurants and hotels in Suchitoto that offer permanent displays of art. In every corner of Suchitoto, the fine arts are celebrated.

Stop by the Municipal Office of Tourism to get a map that indicates all the places in Suchitoto that display art.

Learn Spanish, finally!

During your visit to Suchitoto, improve your ability to speak Spanish at the Pájaro Flor Spanish School. Here you will enjoy private classes at low costs with local teachers who will patiently work at your level in a variety of areas, including grammar and conversational practice. Classes at Pájaro Flor also include information about Salvadoran culture and history, helping to enrich your stay in our country. Click here for more information about the Pájaro Flor Spanish School. ¡Buena suerte!

Go Souvenir-Hunting in the Artisan Market

Looking for a great gift for a friend back home? Every weekend, the This is My Land Artisan Market allows you to discover richness of the El Salvadors crafts, including handmade hammocks, jewelry, ornaments, indigo-dyed clothing, embroidered fabrics, black clay dishware and much more.

The Artisan Market is conveniently located in the Central Plaza and is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Live the Tranquil Life in the Central Plaza

The Central Plaza (also known as the Plaza Centenaria) is the center of tranquility for which Suchitito is well-known. Relax near the plaza´s fountain and watch the sky behind the church change colors at dusk. Spend the afternoon with coffee and dessert at one of the restaurants that encircle the Plaza and watch the daily life of Suchitoto pass by. Or, on other days, enjoy the sounds of musical performances and fiestas that take place here.

The tranquil life of Suchitoto is born in the Central Plaza.