Tours in Suchitoto

For prices, more information and reservations, call the Municipal Office of Tourism at 503-2335-1782 or by email at [email protected]

Tour of Historic Suchitoto

On a tour through the city center, you will learn about history and architecture of Suchitoto with visits to several places of cultural and historical interest. Along the way, your guide will illuminate the important architectural details of various buildings, giving you full appreciation of the colonial ambiance that is preserved here. As well, you will learn about the history of various buildings, such as one that served as a former Salvadoran president´s residence or the theater that was once the first house in Suchitoto to have a tile roof. The history and culture of Suchitoto will come alive on your tour of the city center.

Also included are visits to the town’s hotels and restaurants, some with exceptional views of Lake Suchitlán. If you prefer, the tour can include a trip down to the lake, where you can enjoy a short boat trip to the various islands.

Lake Suchitlán Tour

With a boat tour of Lake Suchitlán, not only will you take in the countless beautiful views of nearby mountains, birds, and various islands, but you will also learn about the fascinating history of the lake. Created in 1973 to produce hydroelectric power, many communities were displaced as the waters came in. Architectural remnants from former villages tell the story of life in the area before the lake.

Today, the lake is an important area of migration for numerous species of birds. You will be sure to encounter many birds with your informed guide who will help you locate and identify them. Mysteriously, one particular island draws the great majority of birds for nesting. Called the Isla de los Pájaros (Island of the Birds), here you will find thousands of birds of various species, including the famous Pato Cuche, the curious duck that makes the distinct sounds of a pig!

Guazapa Volcano Horseback and Hiking Tours

Local guides from the communities of La Mora and El Sitio Zapotal know every corner of the dry tropical forest that covers Guazapa Volcano. On horseback or on foot, a tour will provide you with a stunning natural setting, magnificent views and direct contact with recent history. Guazapa Volcano was an important stronghold during the Civil War (1980-1992). Today the remnants (bomb craters, dugouts, destroyed buildings and a guerrilla encampment) as well as the personal experiences of your guide tell its story in ways that books and photographs cannot.

Design Your Own Tour

Suchitoto and its surroundings offer a variety of activities and attractions. Customize your own tour of the area with one of our professional bilingual guides who offer a range of options to choose from. There is no better way to get to know Suchitoto and its history than with an experienced and knowledgeable guide.

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