Municipal City Hall of Suchitoto

General Facts about the Municipality of Suchitoto

The municipality of Suchitoto is located to the northeast of San Salvador, with a territorial extension of 329.2 square km at 388 meters above sea level. There are 28 cantons with a total of 77 rural communities, making the rural population approximately 19,000, along with an urban population of about 6,000. It is a municipality with a lot of cultural identity and has its own hymn, flag and seal.

After the Peace Accords in 1992, the municipality implemented a plan of reconstruction. Suchitoto was heavily damaged by the civil war, and the principal reconstruction efforts were undertaken to improve basic social infrastructure.

Coverage of basic education: 95%
Coverage of electricity: 95%
Coverage of running water: 90%

Suchitoto also has plans for the ordering of land rights, the promotion of tourism, the preservation and restoration of the historic center, and the treatment of solid and liquid wastes.

The vision, efforts, and success of the municipality have relied upon on the active participation of the population.

The principal economic activities of the municipality are the cultivation of livestock, basic grains, sugar cane and fruit, along with tourism, artisanal fishing, and remittances.